What You Need to Know About Aircon Installation

Determining which type of air conditioning system is best for your home or office is crucial if you want to save money on electric bills. Some systems are also compatible with specific setups, but the more complicated air conditioning options for commercial and industrial buildings will need the expertise of the best aircon servicing company in Singapore. Proper installation is the key to maintaining a fully-functioning air conditioning system that is not prone to a lot of problems.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems
• Window – As the name implies, a window-type air conditioner is installed in a window of a room to cool a small space. Your aircon technician in Singapore will recommend this type of aircon if you only need to cool one small room. It is designed to emit warm air at the back and blow cool air into the room.

• Split – Also called mini-split or ductless, this type or air conditioner is ideal for homes with four or less rooms that need cooling. It’s like a mini version of central air conditioning but the systems are interconnected to one outdoor unit and you can adjust the temperature in each individual room. The aircon servicing company will also recommend this type of system to small offices with less than five rooms.

• Packaged – The aircon servicing company will recommend this if you need to cool two large rooms in your office. This can be done in the following ways: the condenser and compressor are placed in one casing but the cooling coil and the expansion valves are placed in different locations; or the compressor, expansion valve, condenser, and evaporator are all placed in one box while the cool air passes through the ducts found in several rooms.

• Centralized – Central air conditioning is ideal for large homes and offices because it cools several rooms efficiently through its supply ducts on the walls and floors. It has a huge compressor capable of producing a hundred tons of cool air. Installation of this type of air conditioning system is complicated and it needs regular aircon maintenance as well. The supply and return ducts must be regularly inspected and the aircon repair will cost more than in other air conditioning systems.

• Portable – This is a smaller, lighter version of the window air conditioner. They are also easy to install, affordable, and are designed to cool only one room, such as a small apartment. Your aircon technician in Singapore will recommend this if you need an affordable option. The unit works by taking the air inside the room, cooling it, and blowing it back to the room.

• Hybrid – You can find this type of air conditioner in most cars, because it uses energy from both fossil fuels and electricity to cool the air. This might also be useful in large industrial facilities that use heavy equipment. Aircon repair is more complicated than the other types of aircon, that is why regular aircon maintenance is a must.

Proper Installation of Residential Aircons
If you have just moved in to a new apartment in Singapore, call the nearest aircon servicing shop to perform an inspection and maintain cooling ventilation system in your Singapore residence. If the system is not centralized, then you need to determine if the existing ventilation system in building will meet your needs. For small apartments with less than five rooms, you can save more money with a window, portable or split aircon.

Look for energy-efficient models that are easy to install and maintain. The aircon maintenance crew can tell you if the type of aircon you have in mind will be enough for the size of the area. Besides the area, the aircon technician will also consider the condition of the area where the exterior parts of the aircon will be installed, the direction of the sunlight if it is a window aircon, the noise produced by the unit, and the space for the refrigeration line if it is a split aircon.

A ductless aircon is slightly more complicated to install than the portable and window aircons, because it needs specific measurements and sizing. Only a reputable aircon servicing company in Singapore should install this to avoid problems in the future.

To avoid issues, you must schedule a regular maintenance with the same aircon servicing company that installed the system.

Proper Installation of Commercial/Industrial Aircon Systems
Offices must consider the following factors when choosing an air conditioning system: budget, area or spaces that need air conditioning, the condition of the walls and ceiling, energy-efficiency, the condition of the area where the exterior units will be placed, and the heat generated by the system.

A packaged air conditioner for example has two units, one for the evaporative process and another for the cooling process. This type of aircon must be installed in an external wall and connected to the other components of a HVAC or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems found in most buildings.

The central air conditioning system is the most popular choice in most buildings, however, because it is energy-efficient and does not produce a lot of noise. For this type of aircon, it needs two distinct units that are connected by the refrigerant tubing. Extensive planning and layout is required before this system is installed. To best determine the correct size for the central air conditioning, consult a licensed aircon technician who will survey the space. Remember that for the system to work, it must always have two components, the evaporating unit and the condensing unit.

Regular aircon maintenance is also crucial for central air conditioning because the ducts must be cleaned and inspected, the filters replaced, and the thermostat calibrated.