11 Common Issues Concerning Electrical Wiring in Homes

Not only is poor wiring and improper maintenance of electrical connections a source of various problems in the household, but it can also lead to an electrical fire that might endanger your family. Fortunately, you can rely on trusted electrician services in Singapore to maintain and repair any type of electrical problem.

But first, you need to be able to recognize the signs telling you it’s time to contact a cabling technician.

Low-Quality Materials. If you are planning to move into a new apartment, you need to have the power works checked by a nearby home cabling installer that’s based in Singapore. Your electrician should test all the electrical outlets and switches to make sure there is no power failure. Do not move into the house without ensuring that all electrical works are safe. Poor quality materials and shoddy workmanship can lead to fires. Just to be safe, hire a licensed electrician to connect electric wires, ground outlets and install power point switches properly.

Warm Outlets or Switches. Try touching any working switch or outlet to see if they need replacement. If you see sparks, it is time to contact a home electric handyman to do a thorough inspection of your home. Sometimes replacing any defective switch or outlet does not work if there are other issues not visible to an untrained eye.

Unusual Sounds. Outlets and switches should operate silently. Strange sounds must not be ignored because they could lead to an electrical. Turn off the switch or unplug your appliances before contacting a certified electrical worker.

Funny Odors. Unplug appliances if you detect strange odors from an electrical outlet. You should also check your fuse box if the odor is also coming from there. Avoid using lights and appliances while you wait for the electrical service crew to arrive.

Flickering Lights. Sometimes this can point to a power surge, not a defective light bulb. If replacing the bulb does not solve the problem, it could mean that you are using more energy than your current system can handle. This is common in homes that have a lot of appliances and gadgets plugged in. For an upgrade in your electrical system, you should contact a trusted electrical service to help you.

Broken or Loose Switches or Outlets. You should not ignore these because they are fire hazards. Look for exposed wirings and outlets as well. Any connection should be hidden in the walls or ceiling to avoid electrical shock. Contact a 24 hour electrician if your new apartment has this problem.

Hot Fixtures. If the light fixtures are warm to the touch, it’s not an issue but if they are unusually hot, then it could point to overheating. Turn off the fixtures and have them replaced. You also need to remember that there is a recommended bulb wattage and proper insulation for fixtures, so simply replacing a light bulb can also be tricky. The electrician will be able to tell you the right wattage for your fixtures.

Problems with the Circuit Breaker. The circuit breaker’s purpose is to cause a power trip when the system is overloaded. It is a good sign if it works. However, if it happens quite often, you should have your electrical system re-evaluated by a residential electric services expert from Singapore to help to restore a brownout at your home.

Arc Faults. This usually happens if the wiring is broken or worn-out. In older apartments, this can lead to an electrical fire. For residential complexes, you can hire residential linemen to inspect all the connections and replace degraded wiring. A commercial electrical contractor can also offer to install an arc-fault circuit interrupter to avoid the same problem in the future.

Improper Installation. Do-it-yourself projects are commendable, but you should not toy with your wirings if you have no knowledge or experience at all. Improper wire junctions are a fire hazard. Other potential problems caused by poor workmanship include ungrounded receptacles, unburied wiring, missing clamps, and poorly wired receptacles. If you think your home needs more outlets for example, you should hire a licensed electrician instead of trusting your luck and perseverance. An electrical fire will cost more than regular installation fees.

Not Enough Outlets. Instead of using extension cords, you should consider installing outlets to meet your needs. However, it is not simply about adding a new outlet on the wall. There is also a need to re-evaluate how much your current system can provide for your needs, that is why a professional has to assess your power supply first before adding anything.